4Liker App Latest Version | Real ( 70 ) Likes & Followers In 2020

Are you looking for any Facebook auto followers app, if yes, So 4Liker App Latest Version definitely for you.

With this 4Liker Pro, you can increase many followers on your Facebook account, and all followers will get you real and original.

And a lot of people will already know about 4Liker Apk, but I will give you latest version app, “benefits” of the newest version app. You will get more followers and easy to use.

Because of 4Liker old version, “uncomfortable” with your device, and not getting more followers, a new version of FB 4liker app is completely excellent.

How to 4liker apk download latest version, I have explained step-by-step below, and you can download the app by following steps.

4Liker App

What is 4Liker App?

4Liker App is likes and followers provider app, due to which everyone can increase followers on Facebook account.

And app is available for android users, But 4liker also has an official website from which iOS users can take followers. You will get same followers quantity In Android app or website.

You must log in to get followers. It cannot take followers without login. But don’t worry.

I will tell you a trick, With this trick. You can take followers on real account without login from 4liker app.

Details And Requirements?

Application Name 4Liker
Size 3.68Mb
Version Latest Version App
Format Apk File
Offered By 4 Liker
Downloads 70,000+

How 4Liker Works?

By the way, you have seen how to work auto followers app? If not, never mind.

Many third party auto followers apps and websites, They all work on the same base, which is a Facebook account. If they do not have a Facebook account, then auto followers tools do not work.

How do Facebook accounts come to them? Their “primary source” is a target user and takes their Facebook account.

They target in different ways like someone made a video on YouTube overall auto followers tool. All those who watch that video go to auto follower tool then login to your account there.

Just like this, they have a lot of accounts. Now, if any new user login their account in auto followers tool and submit followers, So he gets followers, from the same accounts who first logged into that tool.

4Liker Key Features

Here I have shared some features that you will get in 4liker app for use.

  • Auto Reaction :- You can increase reaction to your photo from here. And all reactions will be real.
  • Instagram Likes :- You also get Instagram likes from here. You can send likes on any of your Instagram photos.
  • Auto Friend Request :- Whenever you send an auto friend request from here, you will get a lot of requests to your account.
  • Auto Followers :- If you only need followers on your account, then you can select Auto Followers.

You use all these features for free, as I told you above.

How To 4liker Apk download?

1 First of all, click on I’m not a robot & complete the google ReCaptcha, then click on the Download button.

2 After that, another webpage will open. Now you will see Download App button. You have to click on it.

Download App

3 Now the last step, Click on the Download App Now button. After that, App will be download.

Download App Now

How To Use 4Liker App?

1 First, click on Login Method.

Login in 4Liker App

2 After that, Enter your Facebook E-Mail & Password then click on Generate Access Token.

Attention :- Do not use your original Facebook account, Here you have to use a “temporary account” which is of no use to you.

Generate Token In 4Liker App

3 And copy all { “session_key” } then paste below box.

4Liker App Token

4 Now all Features will be open. And you can use any of these features. Click on it to use.


5 Then enter your Facebook Username. Where will you get it? First of all, open your Facebook Account.

4liker apk download

6 And click on More option.

Facebook Account

7 After that, click on the Copy Link To Profile.

Facebook Profile Link

8 And paste that link in notepad. Now copy the Right side name.

Facebook Username

9 Now paste it here and click on the Autofollowers button. After that, followers will go to your account successfully.

4Liker App

How To Claim More Followers?

1 Here you get 2 options, with the help of you can increase more on Facebook account.

  1. Fb Auto Followers
  2. Fb Auto Friend Requester

How Get More Followers From 4liker App

How To Logout Facebook Account From 4Liker App?

1 First of all, go to the Dashboard and click on the Logout button. After that, your Facebook account will be logout.

Logout Facebook Account From 4Liker App

Frequently Asked Questions

Here I have answered some questions. I hope you will get an answer to your question.

Q: Why 4Liker App is Not Working?

Ans:- Sometimes app does not work in any technical issue. If app is not working for a long time, so download 4liker latest version app.

Q: Is This Fb Liker Tool 100% Free?

Ans:- Yes, Some third-party tools are paid. But 4liker pro is 100% free tool.

Q: Facebook Auto Liker App Is Safe?

Ans:- No, If you increase auto likes & followers, then your account may be banned. I always recommend you do not use auto likes and followers to your Facebook account.

I hope you liked today’s article. If you like it, so do not forget to share with your friends.

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