Fbsub Pro Latest Apk | Get Real Tik Tok Likes ( UPDATED 2020 )

If you want latest version fbsub pro apk, With the help of, you can increase many likes & followers, Something Like:

Real Tik Tok Likes

Do you also want to increase your followers with latest version app? If yes, so read this article till the last.

Because every step is “important”, if you not read some steps, so you will not get likes and followers.

Latest version application will be slightly different from first one because it has changed a lot. so let’s start.

What is FbSub Pro Apk?

Fbsub pro is a TikTok auto liker app, With the help of you can increase auto likes on any of your latest TikTok videos.

Fbsub apk is available for all Android devices. You can download it and start increasing auto likes. By the way, you must have seen all these apps and websites where you get paid likes.

But fbsub app provides real and original likes for free. You can increase likes for yourself, and You can send likes on every friend’s video because you can take as many likes as you want “without login” from fbsub app.

Only need for your TikTok video URL. Then you will get likes.

Details And Requirements?

Application Name FbSub Pro
Version Latest
Format Apk File
Size 23.94Mb
Offered By fbsub.de
Downloads 35,000+

FbSub Pro Apk Key Features

Here I have shared 2 Key features.

  • Auto Likes :- From here you can take every submits 500 likes. But for that, you should have 5000 coins.
  • Auto Followers :- If you want every submits 500 followers. For that, you need 7500 coins in your Fbsub wallet.

If you have coins in your fbsub wallet, then you will get likes and followers. If not, you will not get followers.

How To Get Coins?

You will get coins in 2 ways.

  • Refer App :- When you open app, you will see refer and earn coins. If you share app with your friends, then you will get every refer 200 coins.
  • Likes & Follow :- If you like any video through fbsub app, then you will get 7 coins. If you follow a user, you will get 10 coins.

You can only collect coins in these two ways.

How To FbSub Pro Apk Download?

1 First of all, click on I’m not a robot & complete the google ReCaptcha, then click on the Download button.

2 After that, another webpage will open. Now you will see Download App button. You have to click on it.

Download App

3 Now the last step, Click on the Download App Now button. After that, App will be download.

Download App Now

How To Login In FbSub Pro?

1 First of all, click on the Icon.

FbSub Login

2 After that, click on Don’t have an account?

Login In FbSub Pro

3 Now put some details here.

  • 1st Enter your any of favourite Username.
  • 2nd Then enter any simple Password.
  • 3rd Now Enter Confirm-Password.
  • 4th Enter Referral Code. { code – smgyan8308 } Then you will get 200 coins.
  • 5fy Click on the Signup button. 

Login With FbSub

4 Here you can see that I have got 50 coins. But you will get 200+ coins.

fbsub pro tik tok

How To Use Fbsub Pro Apk?

1 Here you will see 2 options from which you can earn coins. To earn coin, click on Earn 7 coins button.

fbsub app

2 After that, select the TikTok app.

FbSub Pro APK

3 And Tik Tok account will be opened in front of you. Now you have to Follow them.

fbsub net

4 Here you can see I got 10 coins. You have to follow “before-mentioned” steps and collect coins.

fbsub de

How To Claim Daily Bonus?

1 First of all, click on the Three-line.

FbSub Pro

2 After that, click on Daily Claim.

fbsub pro apk free download

3 Then you will get 25 coins.

fbsub.de tik tok

How To Get Unlimited Coins?

1 First, again you have to click on the three-lines.

FbSub Pro

2 Then click on Share & Earn

fbsub auto request

3 Now follow below steps.

  • First of all, you have to send a referral link to your friend.
  • Then say your friend to download the app.
  • When your friend download app, so tell your friend to sign up with my referral code.
  • Then you will get 200+ coins.


How To Submit Auto Likes on TikTok Account?

1 First, click on three-line.

FbSub Pro

2 Then click on Promote.

fbsub pro apk download

3 Now you will see 2 options here, Videos and Users.

  • Add Video :- If you want likes on your TikTok video, then you have to click on Add Video and enter URL in the box below.
  • Add User :- If you want followers, then you have to click on Add User, And there you have to enter TikTok profile URL and click on Submit button.

FbSub Autoliker

4 Then click on the OK button.

Fbsub Latest Version

5 Now you have to select likes as much as you want. Then click on the Order button. After that, likes will come to your video.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here I have answered some questions. I hope you will get an answer to your question.

Q: FbSub Auto Liker Is Fake?

No, Fbsub pro is a real and trusted app, with the help of, you can easily increase as many likes as you want for free, and we will get all likes instantly.

Q: FbSub Pro Apk Is Safe?

No, Whenever you increase hearts from any third-party tools, then your account may be banned or disabled. and the chances of freezing are very high. Means your organic likes and followers will stop.

Q: Is This FbSub Pro Tik Tok Liker Tool 100% Free?

Yes, You will not need to pay any money from your pocket money, you can easily take likes and followers for free.

Q: How Many Auto Likes Can I Take From Fb pro liker?

No limit, You can increase as many likes as you want.

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