14+ Effortless Ways To Get Unlimited TikTok Followers in 2020

We are heading towards a digital world where social media is playing a significant role—similarly, TikTok. TikTok is becoming the attraction of people all over the world, especially teenagers.

People wish to have more and more likes and followers on TikTok to raise their standards or to impress their friends and family members.

Getting a huge number of TikTok likes and followers is not an easy task. People struggle a lot and try many different ways to get unlimited TikTok followers and likes, but many of them don’t work.

But don’t worry, in this article, I have explained the top 14+ such simple and organic ways step-by-step. If you follow them regularly, you will be able to see results as soon as possible. So let’s start.

1 Quality Content

Quality Content

Content is the king, and it will make you grow on TikTok. You need to post something different, or you can not gain followers on TikTok. The audience wants to see something new and creative.

If you make something creative and unique new followers will come to you. Your viewers will only convert into followers when they enjoy your videos; they will watch like and also share your videos with their friends.

You can also take an example of someone whom you follow. Why you follow him? Because you like his videos. So why will people follow you? I hope you got the answer.

2 Consistency


Consistency is the key to success. At the initial stage, when you will start achieving some TikTok followers, then they will wait for your content. They will wait that when you will upload the video. So, for this, you have to upload videos daily.

Here also you don’t have to be lazy in uploading. You have to upload it daily then don’t think to re-upload old videos.

If you do so, you may lose your TikTok followers, and if you want to gain unlimited followers, then you need to post daily.

And it will be even better if you can also set an exact time as you will daily post your video at 5 pm or any time you can set. This way, they will eagerly wait for videos.

3 Use Popular Music

Use Popular Music

90% if the TikTok videos are made by using music and performing anything on it.

Popular music can make you famous and help you to gain unlimited followers on TikTok organically.

If you make your videos on popular music, then it has a high chance of going viral and more views means more followers.

So whenever a new song is released and getting popular, you can truly create a fantastic video on it, which people will love to see and share.

4 Making Duet Videos

Making Duet Video

This is one of the best ways among the top ways to Get Unlimited TikTok Followers organically.

TikTok has provided these beautiful features to make a duet with other TikTok stars.

See, if you make a duet with the famous stars, you are getting a served plate to eat. This means that you will easily reach the audience and view you have to make little effort.

If you can make a fantastic duet, then people will surely follow you, and this way, you can organically get unlimited followers on TikTok.

5 Analysis of the Trending Videos

Analysis of the Trending Videos

Whenever you look for the top ways to get unlimited TikTok followers organically, you will find this step.

Learn from the trending videos, analyze those videos, and try to know why those videos are trending, why not yours? What is unique in those videos that they are getting Views and Followers? You will get your answer when you research.

Mainly if you research the same niche, for example, make cooking videos, then see which cooking videos are getting views and why.

6 Capture the Trend

Capture The Trend

Every week or month, there is a different and new trend on TikTok, and if you can capture those trends, you will achieve a massive number of views and followers.

Furthermore, if you can start a trend, then you can become the next social media sensation. You can Get Unlimited followers on TikTok if you capture the right direction at the right time.

If you get to know too late about a trend, then don’t worry. You can modify a little bit in your unique way and upload it. It will also have many chances to go Viral.

7 Proper Hashtags

Use the Proper Hashtags

Similar to the trend, hashtags also play a significant role in getting unlimited followers on TikTok in 2020.

Your videos can reach to many new audiences if you use the proper hashtags because people click on the hashtags and love to see all the videos related to that.

If your video is the most amazing one, no one can stop you from gaining followers on TikTok.

8 Upgrade Yourself and The Equipment

Upgrade Yourself and The Equipment

No is perfect in the initial stage, but all the successful people keep improving, and similarly, you have to do if you want to get TikTok followers.

With the increasing followers, you should upgrade yourself and get some professional equipment.

This equipment you don’t need to buy to show others but these you should buy to make more explicit content, make some more amazing video.

The equipment will increase the quality of your content, and better quality means more views and followers.

9 Sharing Your Videos On Social Media

Sharing Your Videos On Social Media

Uploading some fantastic videos on TikTok and then sharing it on social media can give you a boost or push some followers.

You should not be dependent on social media to get TikTok followers, but it can help you when you are new and have just started.

Like when you create the new video, you can instantly share it on social media. There are also some chances those videos can go viral on Facebook or Instagram.

If your video goes viral on the other social media, then you can quickly get those audiences on your TikTok account.

10 Analyze your Stats

Analyze your Stats

It will be even better if you analyze your account and check your audience’s interest and which types of videos your audience wants to see.

It’s a significant step in searching for best ways to get unlimited TikTok Followers organically.

You can also check the age of your audience and post the content according to get followers on TikTok.

There are many other things you can look into your stats and get ideas to gain followers.

11 Create Wide Content

Create Wide Content

If you don’t know what broad content is, then here’s an example: Suppose you are from Haryana, and you are making videos in the Haryanvi language. So, the people only from Haryana and nearby locations will understand your videos, and only they will show interest in it.

So your reach is limited here, but if you create a video in the Hindi language, then people from India and other countries who can understand the Hindi language will show interest In your videos.

This way, by making a global or broader content, you can automatically increase your reach, and more range means more followers.

12 Stick To A Particular Niche

Stick To A Particular Niche

Niche is also known to me and you as a category. You must be particular on one slot.

For example, you post singing videos; then, all your videos should relate to singing and other related things.

What if you create cooking videos in between singing videos? People won’t like it because they are not interested in it and follow you to see your singing videos.

You can make videos on multiple niches if you are a Vlogger and share your daily life videos.

As you are searching for the top ways to increase TikTok followers organically, So, this way works when you start getting the initial followers.

13 Do Challenges

Do Challenges

Daily new challenges get viral on TikTok, and people challenge everyone to do the thing they did and make a video.

You should active on TikTok and stay updated about the trending challenges. As soon as you get a challenge video, make a cool video, and upload it as quickly as possible.

Your video will have higher chances of going viral, and once your video goes viral, it will automatically give you thousands or even millions of followers organically.

14 Set Up Your Profile

Set Up Your Profile

Setting up a profile includes many things, such as profile photo, description, bio, etc.

The aim is to convert your viewers into followers, and once after watching your video, many viewers will look at your profile and want to know about you.

If they also like what you have written in your profile, then indeed, they will follow you.

Quick Tip: Upload a very creative profile photo. Write an attractive description of yourself. You may include your state, birth date, or talents.

It makes people closer to you, and they wish to know more about you and follow you.

15 Focus On Content, Not on Followers

Focus On Content Not on Followers

It is not a way to increase followers, but it’s a tip that will help you to get followers on TikTok organically.

You don’t have to worry that you are not getting followers. What you have to do is focus on the content and ask yourself before uploading that is this video excellent? If yes, then upload it.

Good content will automatically give your followers. So focus on improving your content as much as you can, and followers will come to you.

Remember all the points discussed above and just start doing. You may see results today only if you follow all the steps.


There are many ways to increase unlimited followers on your TikTok account, and one of the most popular of those ways is auto Likes and auto Followers.

This means you can increase as many likes and followers as you want for free from any third-party applications and websites.

But do you know that your Tik Tok account may be banned by using it? Anyway, we do not recommend to use any third party auto liker tool.

We will always advise you to increase your followers by following an organic way.

I hope you liked today’s article. If you like it, so do not forget to share it with your friends. If you face any problem, then you can comment below.

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