How To Increase Organic Instagram Followers [ FREE ] in 2020

Instagram is one of them. Which is growing fastly, and many people try to increase followers, likes & comments on their Instagram account.

Because people want to be famous or make their name on Instagram.

But, growing and gaining followers on Instagram is simple but not easy, and it is not difficult either.

Are you also looking at how to increase Instagram followers? Or easy ways to get Instagram followers in 2020. If yes. So you have come to the right article.

Today’s article, we are going to tell you the top 7 organic ways. If you follow these 7 ways on your Instagram account daily, then no one will stop you from becoming famous on Instagram.

But there are many free & paid tricks to increase followers on Instagram. But some free shortcuts can spoil your Instagram account.

  • Free Followers :- You will get many fake followers everywhere for free. But do not take these followers on your Instagram account. Because whenever you increase the followers on your Instagram account with any third party auto followers tools. There are many chances your Instagram account may be banned.
  • Paid Followers :- There is not much difference between free and paid followers, paid followers you can buy from any third party SMM panel, and free followers will not be available according to you.

But main question is:- Which Instagram Followers Will be Safe For our Instagram account?

Only organic followers, both paid and free followers are not safe for your Instagram account, because Instagram never says that you take or buy followers from any third-party tools.

But how to increase lots of Instagram followers for free?

Here are 7 Proven ways to get Real & Organic Instagram Followers.

Instagram Followers

1) Optimize your Instagram Account

Optimize your Instagram Account

Optimize your Instagram profile such as name, bio and Hashtags, as you know that the first impression is the final.

Similarly, if your name and bio is something different with crazy hashtags, then people are going to follow you.

Your amazing bio & hashtags will increase the reach and will attract the audience to support & follow you and check about you.

And use hashtags related to you and your niche. Give some proper details about you and your talent or skills in the bio.

2) Quality Content

quality picture

As you know, content is king everywhere. Similarly, it’s on Instagram. Try to Post something unique and different.

Show your talent and skills. Don’t copy others & post some engaging images, stories, and videos that people will love to see and will look for you further.

This is one of the most important ways to increase Instagram followers. But?

  • Don’t do spam and useless posts.
  • Don’t be selfish. Post what people will love, not if you are earning posting it only for your benefit. 
  • Don’t go with quantity better to enhance the quality. Use proper hashtags for your posts. 
  • Don’t use improper hashtags.

Appropriate hashtags will give you more reach, and more reach will give surely give you followers.

3) Stand Out & Be Different

Stand Out & Be Different

Don’t just copy people and post the same if you do this instead of getting Followers. You may lose some because no one likes copied content.

If your followers can get that content first on someone’s else profiles and why would they follow you. Post your unique content and show some creativity in your posts.

Don’t be in the line of sheep better be a lion. Post photos that catch attention. Entertaining post videos, remarkable post stories.

The Instagram algorithm won’t provide reach to copied content. Take time and create something unique in your style. Make your brand!

4) Post More Stories & Videos

Post More Stories & Videos

Stories and videos are more engaging than simple photos. Videos will give you organic reach on Instagram & this will help you to get Instagram followers fast & easy.

Videos are more entertaining and are more detailed. So posting more videos will reach a new and broad audience,

and some of them who will like it will look over your profile to grab more information about you, and then the 1st point mentioned above will work. 

5) Be Consistent

Keep posting

Do you post some photos and videos for some days and then you stop?

This won’t work if you want to get Instagram followers fast and easy. You have to be consistent & Consistency is the key to success.

Keep posting and keep Hustling. Regularly posting content will make a good relationship with your audience and will give you more reach.

You will get some new audience. Make an Active Instagram account if you want real followers that are useful for you.

Don’t be sad if you are getting fewer likes and Followers. Just keep posting quality content and keep engaging with the audience.

One day you will get good reach, and from that day, your Instagram Followers will boom!

6) Be On A Particular Niche

Be On A Particular Niche

If you post something about cooking and get some Followers after that, you post about sports and get some Followers.

Now the followers you got of cooking are of no use. If they don’t have an interest in sports, they will unfollow you or not show any engagement.

They may not enjoy and like your photos. Be Particular about something. Choose a niche and work on it only. Post what your followers want you to post,

what they want to see. Choose a niche and try to become the best in that particular niche. This will result in real and permanent followers for your Instagram account.

This way will be useful if you are looking for some fast ways to get Instagram followers in 2020.

7) Go live

Go live

Going live on Instagram and openly talking with your Instagram followers will get you more of them.

They will tell their friends & family about you, and you will get more followers.

People will know you better, and you will also understand what your users want you to post—so going live one of the best ways to get real Instagram followers for free.

It’s on you how many days in a week or a month you go live, but you should give it a try and talk to people openly tell about you and know about them.

This will attract them to you. They will start loving and following you.


Getting Followers on Instagram is not so difficult. If you follow all these tips and work hard, you will surely be getting free and real Instagram followers.

Don’t just keep searching on the internet that how to get Instagram Followers or easy ways to get Instagram followers better work hard and achieve them.

Here you read about 7 easy ways to get Instagram Followers Fast. So now start Hustling & Best Of Luck!

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