How to Get More Followers on Instagram (Organically) 2020

Get More Followers on Instagram (Organically) | Ever since the Indian government banned TikTok, more users have moved to Instagram, and suddenly competition on Instagram increased.

And those who are new Instagram users face a lot of trouble on Instagram due to high competition. That's why I am writing this article about how to get more followers on Instagram Organically.

In today's article, we will tell you some such ways; if you follow those methods daily, then you will be able to get more followers on Instagram as soon as possible.

Even many people are following these methods and gaining real followers. There is no harm to your Instagram account through these methods.

If you want to know the ways, you must read this article until the last without skipping. Here is the method:

#1 Target Marketing

Target Marketing

Knowing whom you're targeting as an audience is an essential tool in any marketing strategy.

There are plenty of tools you can use to gain insight on which audience is best suited for your content, as well as when they are most active.

Research into the time frames that your audience is engaged in and then build your marketing analytics to schedule.

Target marketing also revolves around demographics, which means you will have to develop a strategy that considers the ages, location information, gender, and other factors.

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You need this information to gain insight into whom you want to view your content and whom this content is suited to best.

Many people fail to increase their organic following because they develop content randomly without considering the consumer. Understandably, target marketing can be difficult, mastering it will significantly increase your following. 

Target marketing allows you to create a specific plan of action to devise a program that gives your marketing strategy a more accurate focus.

The objective behind this kind of marketing is to develop a niche for your brand, one that helps you create content that makes your audience happy and keeps them coming back.

Target marketing will take you out of the overpopulated Instagram content creation spectrum into a unique professional rank.

#2 Be Consistent With Your Content

Be Consistent With Your Content

Always have a schedule for posting your content. The key to getting more followers on Instagram is to be consistent when posting content.

Don't post too often, and also don't post on intervals that are too far apart. Many online brands lose a significant amount of followers because they lack a content schedule.

You want your audience to be continuously updated on your products; you want them engaged in everything you're doing. This kind of engagement is what sets you apart from other, less efficient strategies.

Note that you are reaching out to hundreds of millions of potential followers every day, so posting a few times a day would be a great way to pitch your brand to your target audience.

The idea here is to build a relationship with your audience and give them a more genuine, consistent experience.

#3 Build Partnerships with Influencers and Brand Advocates

Build Partnerships

It is essential to understand that growing an organic follower base is a steady, gradual process. Essentially it will take time and strategy to get there.

One key system is to build partnerships. Get in touch with brands that have created a name for themselves and generate user-friendly and appealing content.

Most of these brands will help you get a wider fanbase, and it will give you a better chance of increasing your followers.

You may also want to consider influencers as a strategy if you're going to increase your Instagram followers.

This approach is especially useful if you're going to push a product or a service, and you are looking for a bigger platform.

Influencers are an excellent resource for start-ups, mainly because they usually generate the content themselves, and they have a very loyal following.

Note that Influencers on Instagram have become the largest and most sought after marketing strategy.

A key statistic here is that up to 70% of the people who view a business profile on Instagram are the ones that don't follow you, which means the possibility of getting a new user becomes exponential every time an influencer advertises your content or product.

#4 Be Relevant With Your Content

Be Relevant With Your Content

Even if you have the resources to post 17 times a day, it is a waste of time if you don't know what kind of content your audience wants.

Pay very close attention to the type of content that solicits engagement. It may be something as trivial as a filter, or even a wrong angle.

Always ensure you pay attention to the little things. Take your time and analyze content from other accounts, what they post, when, and the kinds of responses they get from their followers.

Keep in mind that some brands have fake followers, so be careful whom you borrow ideas. These counterfeit followers may create the illusion of success, but they limit the account holders' ability to interact with real, organic followers.

Experimentation is also a great strategy, especially when you're starting. Start by experimenting with different filters, video content, and captions.

Be careful not to copy a competitor's system directly, although it is useful to do a bit of competitive research. It is considered intellectual property theft to copy a plan.

#5 Brand Your Content

Brand Your Content

Branded content tends to do better on Instagram compared to other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Specifically, branded content on Instagram has an engagement rate of 4.3%, a relatively high figure. A recent poll on Instagram users also established that up to 36% of users admitted to purchasing from brands that support views they share.

Once you've branded your content, ensure you are confident and assertive with your strategy. The reason is, most people respond to brands that share their point of view, and the ones that aren't afraid to make bold statements.

#6 Use Location Tagging

Use Location Tagging

As mentioned earlier, a massive percentage of people who end up on your page are people who don't follow you. What does this mean? If you are offering a service, then most people will try to find you using your location.

If you are conveniently placed, location tagging will save the user the time they would use to tag you on a post on the comments or respond to a Direct message.

Note here that location tagging does two things; it facilitates better engagement and puts you on the map. Location tagging also gives you up to 79% more interaction capability, and it can also be useful in geotagging and brand recognition.

#7 Invest In Visual Content

Visual Content

People respond better to videos and images as compared to text. Make your content seem like an actual interaction.

Encourage users to comment on a live stream, include short, high-quality videos on your feed.

You need to develop eye-catching content that engages your audience and makes them feel like they are part of the conversation.

A communicative, supportive approach will help you establish a relationship with your users, and it will give your brand the feel of trustworthiness.

Try to respond to as many questions and concerns as possible. This kind of hands-on interaction shows your followers that you genuinely appreciate them and that you are willing to give them time.

Nothing improves conversion quite like an active engagement feed, try and respond to comments and likes. Active engagement is a great way to get more followers on Instagram.

#8 Keep Your Feed Interesting

Keep Your Feed Interesting

Regardless of which strategy you choose, nothing will build your better profile than a string of exciting posts every so often. The idea here is to keep your audience entertained.

Steer clear of posting constant and tedious adds all day. You need to differentiate because people tend to navigate away from your site if you are always selling them something.

Occasionally throw in some funny memes, perhaps a funny video, some inspirational quote, or some encouraging content.

Don't constantly bombard your followers with long ads; it is usually advisable to blend the add into some exciting content; that way, it doesn't come out as annoying.

The bottom line here is you need to keep people entertained if you want them to click on your page, and this entails establishing and maintaining customer relations and simultaneously giving your brand a voice that will ultimately improve your chances of conversion.

#9 Utilize Instagram Stories

Utilize Instagram Stories

Very few people are aware that up to 400 million Instagram users view stories every day.

This rapid increase in viewers has had the trickle-down effect of increased sales for advertising brands, as well as a bigger target market.

You will also be surprised to note that businesses have the highest viewed videos on Instagram stories, which means that it is fast becoming a significant contributor to influencer marketing strategies.

Essentially, if you run a business and you haven't begun marketing on Instagram stories, then now is the time.

The fact that 1 in 3 people admit to having purchased an item via Instagram should act as a great motivator to any business owner looking to grow a following and create a brand.

#10 Hashtags


Although highly underrated, hashtags are one of the most efficient ways to grow followers on Instagram.

The plan here is to find hashtags that aren't too familiar, increasing your chances of conversion. The first and most crucial step in effective hashtagging is to understand your target audience.

This process involves finding the wording combination that your audience is likely to look for and coming up with a catchphrase.

Hashtagging is an exact science, so it is not advisable to bundle words together without proper research.

Take your time to understand which phrases work best and which ones are overly populated. Try not to create a hashtag that will produce too many results and drown you out.

Hashtags help pinpoint relevant content, which means that you will be able to establish the connection you need to grow your followers with the right combination.

#11 Advertise


The Single most apparent way to get your name out there has always been advertising.

Sometimes a brand wants to push a product without the fuss of going through influencers and flooding their feed with irrelevant content.

For this reason, advertising becomes a great avenue to test your work, and it exposes you to millions of potential customers.

Now, there is the slight problem of Instagram ads being a bit more expensive compared to Facebook ads, but, in retrospect, Instagram ads have a much higher conversion rate, and they expose your brand to a lot of other potential benefits.

It is also worth noting that sponsored videos are also a way to go. These are the kinds of videos where brands pay influencers to market their product.

These affiliations don't just have monetary benefits; they also provide a platform for both the influencer and the sponsoring brand to grow a bigger following.

Sponsored videos are also famous for having a more extensive engagement level, clocking three times more comments than other videos.

A well-crafted advertisement on Instagram can do wonders for your brand, and it can also act as a stepping stone to better numbers and increased sales. When it comes to value for money, Instagram adds are worth every penny.

#12 Optimize Your Account

Optimize Your Account

Ultimately, getting followers is only the tip of the iceberg. Creating great content is what will keep your followers loyal and increase your count.

It all begins with your landing page. Whether you are an individual or part of a brand, people will judge your account by the information on your bio, the sharpness of your images, and the specificity of your content.

Creating and maintaining an Instagram account isn't just about posting pictures; it establishes brand identity at the highest level.

Optimizing your account involves everything from ensuring you have a user-friendly user name to having industry-specific hashtags.

You have to ensure you know all the relevant keywords, backlinks to your website, and even a list of affiliations. Your page has to have as much relevant information about your business as possible.

This information will ensure once a customer lands on your page, they won't have a reason to navigate out of it.

Take time when you are setting up your landing page, and customers tend to notice gaps in the bio, low-quality photos, and even slight grammar mistakes.

Remember that this is your landing page. It is the first place everyone looks when they find your profile. Always make sure it adds value to your brand and takes nothing from it.

Bottom Line

Instagram is rapidly overtaking many social networking sites purely on the merits of selling power. For any business with an online presence, now is the time to invest.

Lastly, but also noteworthy, is the fact that many large corporations are now using up to 50% of their marketing budget on the online market, a reality that goes to show just how influential Instagram is.

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