ZArchiver APK Download (Recently launched Version) FREE (Detailed Review)

ZArchiver apk is an app primarily designed to unlock compressed files and archived files.

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At some point, we all have come across compressed files since we started using PCs.

For one to access these files, you will need to extract them. Usually, doing so is pretty much straightforward when using a PC. Nowadays, you can do the same when using a smartphone.

This is vital since there are lots of files one would like to transfer continuously on their smartphone.

However, where does one look when they want to create an archive file on their smartphone? This is where ZArchiver apk comes into play.

ZArchiver apk is very effective in extracting and creating zip files on smartphones.

Although the concept of zip file has been used in computers for an extended period, it is a new technology in smartphones.

There is no application that is more effective with this technology than ZArchiver apk.

Zip files are compressed files whereby one or more files are saved and compressed to form one single file.

You can use this feature on your smartphone with the utmost ease with the help of the ZArchiver apk.

Therefore, if you are on the lookout for the best app that will aid in creating zip files on your phone, then you should look no further than ZArchiver apk.

With that said, consider reading this article to the end to better understand how it works and why it stands out as overall the best app for creating zip files out there.

What Is ZArchiver Apk?

To understand the ZArchiver apk, you will first need to understand what an Archiver file is.

In most cases, people tend to get confused between Archiver files and Compressed files.

Are they the same thing? Well, the answer is yes. Both Archiver and Compressed files are the same things. They perform the same function, which is to collect multiple files into a single file.

However, they tend to differ on one aspect; when one archives a file, it will gather multiple files in one file without reducing the size of the file.

Although you will experience the same thing when compressing your files, the main difference comes from the reduction size.

Compressed files will reduce significantly in size when collecting them.

This means that archived files have more than a single file in one file without the reduction in size, and compressed files have more files in one file with a significant reduction in the size of the file.

Therefore, ZArchiver apk is an app primarily designed to create or extract archived and compressed files on the phone with the utmost ease.

With this app, you do not need a PC to archive or compress your file.

As a result, it has enhanced convenience and made the whole process of archiving and compressing files pretty much straightforward.

With the help of this app, you can minimize the size of your files by compressing them into a single fine, making them highly portable.

Benefits Of The ZArchiver Apk?

The primary goal of how do I unzip a file in ZArchiver and how do I create portable files on our phone with the utmost ease.

With the app, you can compress and archive your file into one single file making it highly portable.

This aids in creating enough space on your phone. With that said, here are some of the benefits of using ZArchiver apk;

  • Convenience: First things first, ZArchiver apk enhances convenience significantly by allowing you to extract or create both archived and compressed files on your phone without the need for a PC. 
  • Easy to install: Since ZArchiver is available on Google Play Store, downloading and installing it into your phone is pretty much straightforward. To save your valuable time, just scroll below and download ZArchiver apk latest version with a single click instead of play store.
  • Safe: Safety is of great essence when it comes to using apps, and with ZArchiver apk, you are guaranteed top-notch security features. This means the chances of you leaking your files to the outside world are slim. 
  • Effective: This application is very effective, meaning that it delivers what it advertises.

Pros and Cons of ZArchiver Apk?

Every product comes with its own pros and cons, and apps are no different.

Although ZArchiver apk comes with its pros and cons, the pros outshine the cons making it not only practical but also a reliable application.

With that in mind, here are some of the pros and cons of using ZArchiver apk:


  • ZArchiver apk comes equipped with some top-notch features, making it the best android app for creating archive and compressed files. If you want the best app for managing archive files on your phone, then ZArchiver apk will be best for you.
  • The app incorporates a user-friendly interface. This means that both newbies and less tech-savvy individuals can use this app with the utmost ease.
  • In addition to supporting compressed and archived files, ZArchiver supports rar, zip, and 7z formats.
  • For security purposes, the app allows you to create a password for your file. This means that to access the files, you will need to key in the password.
  • The app features several languages. Therefore, you can choose a language that will best suit your needs.


  • Some encrypted apps cannot be forced open by the app.
  • The app does not support files that are stored on an SD card.
  • The app does not support all archived files.

Details and Requirements of ZArchiver Apk?

Application Name ZArchiver
SizeVaries with device
VersionVaries with device
Cost100% FREE
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
FormatAPK File
Star Rating4.5
Offered ByZArchiver

How To Download ZArchiver APK (Recently launched Version) FREE?

1First of all, click on the Download APK Now button to download latest ZArchiver apk for android.

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How To Use ZArchiver APK To Extract Or Compress Any Type Of File?

1First of all, open the downloaded application.

Open ZArchiver APK
2Then application will ask for some permissions. Just Allow them.

Allow Access
3After that, all the folders will open in the application, which is available on your phone. Now select the folder where is your file is placed, and you want to extract it.

Open Download Folder
4 Once you find the file, tap on it, and a popup will open in front of you. Now just click on the Extract Here option given.

Extract Zip File Here
5After clicking on it, the selected file will be extracted successfully.

6In another way, want to compress any file into .ZIP or .7z? To do that, just tap on the file you want to compress.

Then both options will appear on your bottom side; select them according on which you want your selected file.

Compress File Into Zip
7 After clicking on it, the selected file will be compressed.

File Successfully Converted


Is ZArchiver Application legit?

Yes, ZArchiver apk is a legit application designed to extract or create archive and compressed files on smartphones with the utmost ease.

The app has been designed for android, and it is very effective and reliable when it comes to archive management.

How to install ZArchiver Apk?

Installing this app is pretty much straightforward since it is available on Google Play Store.

To install it on your phone, just click on the Install button on Google Play Store to start the installation process or just scroll above and ZArchiver apk download with a single click instead of play store, as I told you above.

Is ZArchiver Apk safe?

Yes, ZArchiver apk is safe for use. Therefore, you do not have to worry about using this app.

Can I access .OBB Folder Using ZArchiver?

Yes, by allowing some permissions, you can easily access it and do anything that you want. ZArchiver also help to setup BGMI .OBB file into correct place.


Creating and extracting compressed and archived files on your phone have never been this easy.

ZArchiver has been designed to help android users create and extract archived and compressed files with the utmost ease.

Although the concept of Archived and Compressed files has been used in computers for years, the technology is relatively new in smartphones.

ZArchiver apk has been designed to make the whole process relatively easy and enhance convenience for Android users.

Therefore, if you need an app that will help in unzipping zip files, then you should look no further than the ZArchiver apk.

As we come to the end of today’s article, we hope you have found it beneficial.

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